Rapa de Sabucedo


Rapa das bestas in Sabucedo, Galiza. Credit image © 2014 Delmi Alvarez

Two garranos salvajes (Equus ferus atlanticus) fight during the annual Rapa das Bestas in Sabucedo, A Estrada, Galiza, Spain, on July 5, 2014. The annual round up of wild horses, known as Rapa das bestas (taming of the animals) is an ancient Galician celebration with over 400 years of tradition, held for four days in which men and women (aloitadores) fight with wild horses on the ground with his hands to cut their manes and tails. The garrano salvaje (Equus ferus atlanticus) is an ancient, primitive equid, which should take about 20,000 years inhabiting the galician forests, and a specie endangered due to the lack of a management program of the Galician government Xunta de Galicia, whitout any protection, and other problems arising from the implementation of a microchip in the skin.