“In the name of Gold” new long term documentary


“In the name of Gold” is a long term documentary project about the gold mega mining in Europe. Rosia Montana is the biggest pit open air mine in Europe but in the small village in the mountains of Albany county most of the people don’t want to sell the houses and the canadian company Gabriel resources found a strong locals that prefer to live without the toxic waste around and take care of the cattle and ancient agriculture system.

But there is others few more spots with the same problem of Rosia Montana, Galicia, Greece and Bulgaria whose governments approved permits to open the mines using the cyanid till today not forbidden in the European Union. But many voices start to claim to the sky that it must be declared a terrific enemy for the people, environment and the health.

The first story is in Rosia Montana: http://delmialvarez.photoshelter.com/gallery/In-the-name-of-Gold-Rosia-Montana/G0000BeEOBt0Dmls/