Fortress Europe, the last wall

Latvian border guards on patrol along the russian border. © 2011 Delmi Alvarez

Fortress Europe birth years ago covering the collapsed of the wall of shame in Berlin. In that time I was working in my long term documentary photo-essay Galegos na Diáspora in the island isolated of west Berlin. I found in Cyprus in 2003 a country separated by a green line and later I worked documenting the latvian border between Russia ans Ukraine. In 2011 the emigration to Europe from Asia and Africa is a nightmare for the governments of Spain, Greece, France, Italy. In the early months of 2011 the Greek government decided to build a wall with Turkey: the last wall of Europe.

Latvian borders guards on patrol along the border with Ukraine. © 2011 Delmi Alvarez

Fortress Europe, the last wall. Turkey [a future member of European Union] is a highway connection with the trafficking of human beings that comes from Asia. Turkey has a small and polemic border with Greece and every year thousands of people cross illegally. The European Union support Greece as full member with Frontex guards to protect against the organizations working in the area.

Human rights denounce the inhuman and degrading state of the detention camps in Greece. Nobody get permits to entry and report about the detention camps but a few journalists reported from the field,  defining the situation that discredits the European Union.

My proposal is follow documenting both sides of the future wall and the life of the border.

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