Moros y Cristianos

Biar y los trabucos

Although the fame in the Moors and Christians in Alcoy takes Biar are best enjoyed as a small town traditions, ingrained habits that are present in the many annual festivals celebrating, with emphasis on the de Moros y Cristianos they say it is one of the oldest in the Valencian Community.
Among these include the fabulous festivities of Moros y Cristianos ENTRY on the night of May 10 with the lighting of hundreds of bonfires in the hills surrounding the town for the “Descent of the Virgin” from the shrine, and day 11 May the “BALL DELS ESPI”, reminiscent as wearing costumes Almohads hounded Christians.
Seven are the groups that actively participate in these festivities in honor of the Virgen de Gracia, patroness of the City: Templers, better known locally as “blanquets” Cristians or Blavets, Estudiants, Maseros and as representatives of the Moros, we find the Moros Vells, Moros Tariks, and Moros Nous

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